Why your Rugs need cleaning ….

...And how we can help!

Most modern homes have at least one or two rugs …


Why you should have your rugs cleaned by A&G Chem-Dry

Maybe in the hallway, the playroom,

beside the bed, or in front of the fire?

Rugs are well used and so, often soil

more quickly than other carpeted

areas of the home.  The children love

to play on them, the dog and cat go to

sleep on them (sometimes have little

accidents on them …)


Rugs need  extra TLC!

Why your rugs need cleaning … General soiling

Your rug (s) have been down a while and no matter how you vacuum them, they just look a bit “dull” these days.  You haven’t spilt anything  on them and you don’t have pets or children, but you do like your home to look good!

How we help!

This sounds like a job for our “Standard Clean” using the Rug Badger to extract all “dry soiling” prior to vacuuming.  We then clean the rug gently, but thoroughly and effectively, using our own unique Chem-Dry cleaning solution “The Natural” (which makes us Green & Clean!)

If our Standard Rug Clean is the service for you, why not contact us now for more information. Alternatively, read on to find out about our other Rug Cleaning Treatments.

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Why your rugs need cleaning … Soiled with urine, vomit etc

Whether human or animal,  through illness, potty training accidents or puppy puddles, we ARE able treat these situations – but you do need to let us know what has caused the soiling.  No need to be shy about telling us – we’ve been doing this a long time and have seen it all – and cleaned it all!  At A&G Chem-Dry we’ve all got families and pets – so we know that these things happen!

Or, maybe you’ve inherited a rug or bought one second hand and need to know it’s hygienically clean before you find a home for it in yours!


How we help!

In situations like these, you will need either our “Platinum” clean (more of that later) or our “Clean, Sanitise and Deodorise”  which combines the Standard clean with an NHS approved anti-bacterial treatment and a rug-friendly fragrance.

Contact us now for more information or carry on reading to find out about our other Rug Cleaning Services.

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Why your rugs need cleaning …. Pale colour (shows the dirt)

That cream wool rug looked beautiful when you first bought it, but now …!?  Oh dear.   It’s seen a few “spills” in its time and shows every mark.  It wasn’t cheap to buy and you’d like to see it staying cleaner for longer.

A&G Chem-Dry's Rug Clean and Protect Service
How we help!

Our ever-popular “Clean and Protect” Rug Cleaning service is tailor-made for you! After cleaning your Rug as we do with our Standard Clean, we then apply a treatment of Chem-Dry Repel, which provides your Rugs with extra protection from dry soiling and accidental spillages, “Repel” can actually extend the life of your Rugs too!  Click on this link to read much more about Repel and why it makes sense to protect those expensive investments!

 We’re on hand to help if you need any further advice.

Or perhaps our “Platinum” service is for you ….

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or email nicepeople@ag-chemdry.co.uk

Why your rugs need cleaning … All of the above and more!

If you want the very best for your Rug

OR the very worst has already happened to it …….

How we help!

Our “Platinum Rug Cleaning Service” is the ultimate in Rug care.  It combines ALL the benefits and all of the treatments of the other three cleaning services.

Contact us now for a free quote.

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Rug Workshop

If you’re within travelling distance of Cotgrave, Nottingham, why not consider bringing your rugs into our specialist Rug Cleaning workshop.  Click here for more details ….




And finally …. if you haven’t seen our Rugs Gallery yet, do take a look, for more information on how we get your rugs looking lovely and some great before, after (and during) photos!  Click here to visit our Rugs Gallery page …

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or email nicepeople@ag-chemdry.co.uk

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